Powerlink Healthcare Services: A Legacy of Compassionate Care

Aug 7, 2023 | Corporate, Markets, Process Management, Services, Solutions

Powerlink Healthcare Services is a Michigan company whose professional staff follows industry standards for quality and process to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and achieve higher customer satisfaction. The company was founded Twenty years ago (August 2003) by Link Howard III, a black veteran with a desire to assist others. It began as a small home environmental services company with the objective of delivering high-quality EVS capabilities to underserved companies in Michigan. Howard’s involvement in the Viet Nam War and the void of good leadership in the marketplace motivated him to establish a company that would have a positive impact on people’s lives while being successful.

In the early years, Powerlink faced numerous challenges as a newcomer in many different industries. Powerlink Facilities Management Services has its roots in Link 2 Staffing, a company founded in 2002 by Link Howard III, a certified lean process instructor in the manufacturing industry. Mr. Howard
saw an opportunity to apply his expertise in continuous process improvement to the facilities maintenance and management field.

Mr. Howard and Scott Rice launched Powerlink Facilities Management Services in 2003, servicing one account, a paint facility in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The company provided paint system cleaning and maintenance as well as commercial cleaning services. Building a reputation and gaining recognition were no easy tasks, and potential clients were skeptical about working with an untested, new company. However, Link’s unwavering determination and belief in his vision kept the company moving forward. Mr. Howard made it a priority to hire staff who shared his values, ensuring that they were trained in sensitive procedures, cultural competence, and truly cared for successfully fulfilling customer needs. This emphasis on compassionate job performance helped Powerlink stand out from its competitors, fostering trust with both clients and prospects. From that start, Powerlink grew every year and now has hundreds of employees serving facilities throughout North America.

As Powerlink grew, it refined its range of services to focus on Healthcare Services ranging from laundry services, environmental capabilities, dietary and nutrition expertise as well as full consulting services. The company opened multiple locations throughout Michigan, broadening its reach and serving more facilities. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare services industry, Powerlink embraced innovation. Early adoption of electronic data management streamlined operations, improving the quality of care offered to clients and, ultimately, end users. Moreover, the company invested in remote analytical technology, enhancing access to management and performance data for clients and management.

Despite its successes, Powerlink was not immune to the challenges plaguing the entire healthcare industry. Escalating healthcare costs and an aging population put pressure on providers nationwide. Powerlink felt the impact of these factors, making it increasingly challenging to recruit and retain skilled employees. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented obstacles, requiring the company to adapt rapidly to provide services during the global health crisis. Implementing rigorous safety protocols, Powerlink worked tirelessly to safeguard its staff and clients while delivering essential services to those affected by the pandemic.

Environmental Services
Powerlink has developed processes, procedures, and methodologies that allow us to provide top-quality environmental services that exceed our customer’s cleanliness standards, timing, and cost targets. A referral is the biggest compliment a company can receive. 95% of our EVS clients result from a referral
from an existing or past customer.

Dietary and Nutrition
At Powerink, we take pride in nurturing the health and well-being of residents through specialized dietary services designed for nursing home and veteran home settings. Our experienced team of nutrition experts and chefs is dedicated to crafting personalized meals that cater to needs and medical requirements.

From carefully balanced meals that promote wellness and vitality to complying with specific dietary requirements, our services go beyond ordinary meal provisions. We understand the unique challenges that come with aging and veteran care, and our goal is to enhance the quality of life for every resident. Our reputation for excellence has led to numerous referrals from satisfied clients, highlighting the positive impact our dietary services have had. We take great pride in being trusted partners in the care journey of residents.

Powerlink applies its vast knowledge of tasks, operations, and efficiencies to solve problems for specific scenarios and management situations. We have developed proven and repeatable solutions with processes for almost any environment. As a consultant, Powerlink draws on its years of experience and its
library of scenarios to recommend solutions that work.

Powerlink Experience
From new hospital openings to construction occurring within active spaces to scheduled daily cleaning at a manufacturing facility, Powerlink has the experience and know-how to ensure that the job is done right. Healthcare environmental service delivery is mission-critical and must be completed to ensure
contamination-free environment for patient safety.

We recently completed mission-critical cleaning utilizing the Powerlink process for The Children’s Hospital of Michigan – Troy, taking the site from final construction clean, clinical cleaning for opening, and day-to-day environmental cleaning services. Powerlink has been providing environmental services to Karmanos Cancer Institute for the past 10 years. Working closely with the Infection Control Officer to eliminate their construction projects’ impact on patients as they have moved through massive renovations of both inpatient and outpatient space.

This is especially sensitive as most cancer patients are in an immune-suppressed state. We have also had the privilege of working with Henry Ford Health Systems as they opened their high-profile West Bloomfield Hospital, as well as a number of other projects in both clinical and nonclinical space. As a provider of ongoing environmental services at multiple sites for multiple customers, Powerlink has a strong understanding of our customer cleaning standards, quality control requirements, and facility management best practices, with clear concise deliverable understanding. Powerlink exceeds our customer-expected cleaning outcome.

Powerlink was integral in developing, implementing, and maintaining cohesive management solutions for environmental and food services for veteran homes at Michigan’s Chesterfield Township and Maryland’s Charlotte Hall facility.

Powerlink has faced typical growing company issues such as staffing, funding, and management. The team led by Link Howard and Scott Rice worked hard to maintain the company’s culture of compassion and empathy while expanding the business. They were committed to preserving the company’s core values and took constructive criticism as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Powerlink Healthcare Services is celebrating its twentieth anniversary with a focus on the future. Howard and his team are excited to continue providing compassionate care for the next twenty years.

The company’s top priorities include expanding services and reaching new markets. They are also exploring the use of technology to bring unique quality management to healthcare, ensuring that everyone can access Powerlink’s services. The company is focused on creating an attractive culture while investing in its employees, providing them with the best resources and support to provide exceptional service. Creating an inclusive and supportive work environment is critical to the company’s mission. Looking ahead, Powerlink is committed to advancing and growing, guaranteeing that its tradition of delivering exceptional and compassionate service will persist for many years to come.