Cleanliness proves more important daily

Since the onset of the most recent pandemic the sensitivity of every patient or visitor to any healthcare facility have been placed on edge. The importance of providing safe and effective cleanliness have become penultimate. Powerlink has helped all of their clients meet safety and hygiene requirements.

Foggers range in effectiveness
depending on the science

There are several methods of deep cleaning. For deep cleaning within kitchens and extended to offices, care settings and industry, there is a method called fogging. Fogging is the work of a specialist contractor using specialized products and cleaning methods. Fogging uses an antiviral disinfectant solution which cleans and sanitizes large areas of a building quickly and effectively. It can kill off the virus and other biological agents in the air and on surfaces. Fogging involves spraying a fine mist from a spray gun which is then left to evaporate, usually for 6 hours. This means there is enough for it to work properly, but not so much as to leave a residue which may remain at unsafe levels for some time after treatment ends.

Following the same process for cleaning can deliver repeatable solutions

Developing a process to clean and sterilize a critical environment can standardize results for a wide variety of scenarios from food preparation to janitorial services. An institution relies on these proven processes to deliver similar efficiencies over a period of time while guaranteeing achievable static metrics at any part of the process.


A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is a credentialed healthcare professional who applies evidence-based information about nutrition and diet to contribute to the health and wellness of Residents in LTC facilities.

Speech & language pathologists (SLPs), in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC-F), work to, assess, diagnose, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in adult Residences.

Certified at managing foodservice operations and ensuring food safety. Responsible for implementation of menus, foodservice purchasing, and food preparation. They apply principles, document nutrition information, and manage kitchen.

The KPI Dashboard facilitates factual data driven discussions and informed decision-making at the senior management and operational levels. Monthly review of dashboards accelerate teamwork performance and improve collaborations. KPI Dashboards democratize data and promote and enable an effective data-driven culture.
The KPI Life Cycle:

The Complexity of the Relationship between These Three Complementary Disciplines have a Significant Impact on the Quality of Care Delivered by Your Facility.