Powerlink’s metrics help evaluate performance

The healthcare industry has undergone major policy and business model changes over the past decade. These changes have spurred healthcare companies to look into new metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to decide if they are meeting their objectives.

Powerlink believes technology reflects the
efficiency of a service delivery system

We utilize a web based quality assurance program to collect data on key determined data points as well as other compliance info such as walk-in temperature and delivery times. Each dining room can be equipped with a real time customer response device. The device is as simple as marking one of four faces from happy to upset to represent their experience. The device gives real time feedback to staff about how residents feel about the meal.


Food Services

Providing food and nutrition services in the healthcare industry requires developing effective food policies and procedures while maintaining high quality standards and delivering a highly valued dining experience

Environmental Services

Maintaining safe and clean environments within any healthcare institution is increasingly recognized as an essential benchmark to reducing the risk of infections for patients and staff within every setting

Linen Services

In healthcare, priority is always set on the patient’s comfort and health. In order to achieve this goal, the highest quality linens must be professionally cleaned to make sure germs and possible toxins have been removed

Patient Transportation

Patient transportation issues result in missed or delayed appointments, increased health expenditures and poorer health and is critical in non-emergency situations. Powerlink delivers solutions for varying demands


Powerlink can assist in solving healthcare facility management problems by partnering with you. Whether you try solve your problems internally or count on us to manage the solution, we can help


A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) is a credentialed healthcare professional who applies evidence-based information about nutrition and diet to contribute to the health and wellness of Residents in LTC facilities.

Speech & language pathologists (SLPs), in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC-F), work to, assess, diagnose, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in adult Residences.

Certified at managing foodservice operations and ensuring food safety. Responsible for implementation of menus, foodservice purchasing, and food preparation. They apply principles, document nutrition information, and manage kitchen.

The KPI Dashboard facilitates factual data driven discussions and informed decision-making at the senior management and operational levels. Monthly review of dashboards accelerate teamwork performance and improve collaborations. KPI Dashboards democratize data and promote and enable an effective data-driven culture.
The KPI Life Cycle:

The Complexity of the Relationship between These Three Complementary Disciplines have a Significant Impact on the Quality of Care Delivered by Your Facility.