Powerlink’s goal is supply custom solutions

Powerlink has evolved a new client proposal process that evaluates every situation on its own. Every market and each requirement to succeed drive Powerlink to learn every aspect of our prospects needs and what it will take to be successful and continually improve.

Customer Driven Solutions guide Powerlink
everyday to deliver what the client needs.

Our customers are the ultimate judges of performance and quality.  For us this means that we customize our service solutions to make things right for your building and your way of doing things. We pride ourselves on our high level of quality, accuracy, and innovation. This means building trust in consistent service delivery where the details are important. While we endeavor to get things right 100% of the time, it also means responsiveness when there is an issue or concern. Our standard is that calls are returned the same day. While we may not be able to solve every issue immediately, it builds a standard of trust that you are heard and that your concern will be addressed.

Our corporate values guide behaviors, activities and decision making for the entire organization. From its inception, the principals of the organization have encouraged our entire workforce to contribute, develop and learn, be innovative, and embrace meaningful change. They believe that they are personally responsible to all our customers for the organization’s ethics, actions and performance.  They personally model these values through ethical behavior, personal involvement in planning, coaching, and motivating the workforce, developing future leaders, reviewing organizational performance, and recognizing workforce members.


Food Services

Providing food and nutrition services in the healthcare industry requires developing effective food policies and procedures while maintaining high quality standards and delivering a highly valued dining experience

Environmental Services

Maintaining safe and clean environments within any healthcare institution is increasingly recognized as an essential benchmark to reducing the risk of infections for patients and staff within every setting

Linen Services

In healthcare, priority is always set on the patient’s comfort and health. In order to achieve this goal, the highest quality linens must be professionally cleaned to make sure germs and possible toxins have been removed

Patient Transportation

Patient transportation issues result hidden waste, increased expenditures and poorer healthcare and is critical in non-emergency situations. Powerlink delivers solutions for varying demands while protecting your brand


Powerlink can assist in solving healthcare facility management problems by partnering with you. Whether you try solve your problems internally or count on us to manage the solution, we can help


Veteran’s Homes

Powerlink brings world-class management strategies to the challenging veteran’s home market. We deliver the finest array of techniques and services designed to deliver more successful results to owners and residents.

Senior Care

The growing Senior Healthcare market requires differing levels of service for each care profile. From Independent Living to Skilled Nursing Care, we have service and dietary program to meet all of our client’s needs.


The ever increasing cost of delivering quality services in the global hospital market has applied unusually high pressure on the way effective patient experiences are delivered and what is the true cost of every service and its quality.

Out Patient Facilities

Increasing demand for outpatient care and its efficient care delivery drives the competitive nature of delivering more enjoyable patient experiences while enhancing cost containment and enhancing the  consistency of services.