Patient transportation and distribution are significant to profits and patient experience

Sep 13, 2022 | Hospital, Nursing Home, Patient Distribution, Services, Solutions, Uncategorized, Veteran Home

An extremely significant factor in the patient experience is the efficiency of a healthcare facility. The value of a healthcare provider to the patient is the sum of many different service categories. They are weighted and categorized according to their impact and market scenarios. A lesson learned from atrocious pandemics is the importance of patient distribution. We know from the post-pandemic era that patient distribution affects the bottom line and how patients perceive quality. Healthcare facilities can use patient logistics as an easy-to-deliver aspect of their overall service and a differentiator. 

Customers (patients) today have higher expectations and are savvier about their purchases. It’s no different in healthcare. From the moment they come into the facility to the time they leave, patients are making a substantial impact on patient satisfaction ratings. A positive patient rating depends on how well a smooth, efficient patient experience is created.

As Powerlink has discovered, an effective patient management system can pay huge dividends. In evaluating the physical experience of a healthcare facility, the timeliness of service provision is the most decisive factor. With Powerlink, hospital employees can spend more time on what they do best while patients enjoy excellent transportation. Nurses can focus on patient treatment plans rather than the practicalities of moving a patient. People at our company are responsible and strive to ensure patients get to their destinations comfortably and safely on time.

The Powerlink staff is well-prepared on hospital trips and at the bedside. We train our staff to interact with patients pleasantly as they move gurneys and push wheels. Powerlink understands that this can be as crucial as training doctors and nurses. If your organization is dedicated to operational excellence, you need a process to follow, a set of standards to measure against, and a system to house it all. Contact us today to learn more.