Our Value

Our Value

Powerlink excels in serving its customers by focusing on six critical areas:

People & Professional Development

Powerlink hires and develops the best facilities management team in the industry. Powerlink believes its people are its greatest asset and that engaged employees are the key to success. Powerlink uses a rigorous 13-step process for selecting each employee. The company is committed to the outstanding customer service principles developed by the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and it trains its employees according to those principles. Learn more »


Powerlink uses powerful Intranet and Internet tools to manage projects and the professional development of its people. They include an employee Internet portal, Worldlink; proprietary project management software called Managelink; and a custom learning management system to guide employee professional development. Learn more »

Process Improvement & Standardization

What is measured is managed, and Powerlink measures every aspect of its operations that can lead to improved performance and customer satisfaction. Powerlink has earned an ISO 9001:2000 certification and it uses the discipline and expertise from that designation to drive value and high customer satisfaction. Learn more »


Powerlink is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees and the customers we serve. We train our professionals to know and meet OSHA and MIOSHA regulations. Learn more »


Powerlink is in the business of creating and maintaining safe, efficient and comfortable environments for our customers. We treat the planet as we treat our best customer, by incorporating environmentally responsible practices in our operations. We train our employees to be good stewards of resources. Learn more »

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Development

Powerlink has made identifying and working with MBE's a fundamental part of its corporate culture. It has twice been nominated for a Michigan Minority Business Development Council Supplier of the Year award. Powerlink's focus on inclusion and diversity in its business practices has led to the development of its Bi-Annual Diversity review which sets specified targets for MBE spending and evaluates all purchasing categories for MBE inclusion. This ongoing process has led to more than 70% of Powerlink's professional services being provided by woman and minority-owned companies. Learn more »